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jamaicans, trinidadians, bahamians,we are all here!!!its caribbean excitment!!! come and enjoy urself the caribbean way!!

Group Founder: tieka
Description: A chatroom where islanders can enjoy themselves the caribbean english only creole (strickly patois).
Group Type: Public join
Members: 40
Category: Chat Groups > By Location

Topics (11)

go hello to all (1) hot4blkm
i am new to the group. so i wanted to say hello to everyone. hope you have a great and exciting weekend.

go my type of woman (0) danny4love
i love jamaican woman n looking if any jamaicn woman around get in touch

go my woman i want (0) danny4love
i love jamaican woman n looking if any jamaicn woman around get in touch

go guys (3) tieka
why are guys so disgusting? guys is it true that u are no longer gentlemen...from wat i hear and see all ya'll are DAWGs...o the days when a guy wud wait on a woman...i miss those days...where are the...

go wats up with that? (2) tieka
guys y is it that u have to broadcast yuh business all over...if u a s*ck..keep it to urself ok..i dont need to know that..unless u want to confide in u think girls get turned on by u offering...

go pimp/gigalo...pimpette/houchi (0) tieka
hey guys n gals wat r u up to next...gals i hear d guys complaining that all di gals are either pimpettes or houchi mamas n there aint no hot diva to sette with...guys the girls are saying all ya'll a...

go Wat type a guys/girls u like? (3) crunk18

go what do u think? (6) tieka
do u really mean it when u say i love you. if not why do u say it? have u ever been in love? do you think u can fall in love?

go dump them/keep them (2) tieka
hey guys n girls, tis the season to be jolly...but we all know that sum a ya'll dont want to be jolly with u honey/ wat r u going to do? do u dump him/her or keep her/him and y?

go s*x (7) tieka
Crazy as* moves that u want your girl to do for u?

go LOVE!!! (6) tieka
THis question is not 4 an immature...Guys tell me..when do u classify a girl as a woman..and what makes u really love a woman?

Polls (3)

go s*xy vs y/ wats hot ?
go ladies who makes ur heart beat./wat kin a man yuh waa
go who do u prefer/ wah kin a oman yuh waa?